Shopping Can Pay

The Compensated Marketplace™

Business ownership stands close to the heart of the American dream. Over the years, such ownership has inspired millions of Americans, enabling them to escape the financial gridlock of traditional employment. Bonvera now offers you a route to freedom, both personally and financially, at minimal cost, and limitless potential rewards.

Bonvera’s leaders have built successful businesses across varied endeavors defined by a common passion: sharing the promise of genuine entrepreneurship with others.

  1. Build a sustainable company, crossing generations.
  2. Share profits with Associates.
  3. Put the Associates in charge, the executive team always answerable.
  4. Commit to personal integrity, openness in all areas.
  5. Position the company for global success.

Bonvera will bring your customers the everyday essentials they buy week after week -- no obscure, over-priced products. Bonvera will limit the profit the company itself can retain. An Independent Community Advisory Association with real powers of oversight will function independent of the leadership. Bonvera will make shopping convenient for everyone.

A New Standard in Retail

Bonvera’s leaders know the big-box companies, the Wal-Marts and the Targets. They understand online giants such as Amazon. They value the irresistible pull of discount prices and easy, at-home buying. They’ve also learned that consumers find many retailers ruthless in their pursuit of profits at any cost.

And so Bonvera’s vision is simple, straightforward and revolutionary: “Let’s create effortless access to everyday essentials while giving profits back to Associates. Reward the people who supply, distribute and buy our products”.

Bonvera calls this unique concept of shopping “The Compensated Marketplace ™”.

The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Bonvera taps into the magic of online shopping – it’s at-home ordering and prompt front-door delivery – with a fast-growing assortment of familiar brands in household goods, packaged groceries, hygiene and personal care products. These are the essentials your customers need day after day. And then, winning loyalty and trust from associates and customers alike, comes Bonvera’s promise to share profits.

Shop. Save. Share. It’s really that simple.

Bonvera’s Own Super-Brand

Bonvera has created a brand of healthful, nutritious products, uniquely our own.

First up: a natural, low-calorie energy drink leading to a gradual, fully sustained lift with none of the roller-coaster ups and downs of cheaper caffeine. No toxic chemicals here . . . none! . . . but rather a high concentration of fruit juice with naturally occurring caffeine, ready to charge-up without subsequent burn-out.

Next: a nutrition-packed protein bar, a meal replacement for the weight–conscious. A handy and healthful snack for everyone with a rich mix of vitamins, minerals and protein.

Our private-label products compete and win against those popular energy drinks and protein bars on the shelves of any supermarket.

Endless Possibilities

Bonvera embraces the real meaning of “possibility.” Fair rewards offered for your efforts, without fear or favor. With reverence for your dreams in a business context of absolute simplicity where your interests come first, where your profitability matters most. In a home-based enterprise, you can turn your everyday spending into everyday earning. Then, intuitively, you share the good news of Bonvera with friends and family, offering them money-saving products of exceptional quality arriving with on-line speed and convenience.

Bonvera assumes most of the sharing process with a welcoming website for your customers’ use, in addition to videos, testimonials, and other tools that explain Bonvera’s benefits in meaningful, personal terms.

Live your wishes and dreams. Freedom is waiting for you!

Family First, Last and Always

Bonvera’s leadership team exalts the values of America’s heartland: modesty, hard work, straight talk, and honest dealing. Above all, the team shares a love of family that spills into an inevitable way of doing business, a logical extension of trust and goodwill. Above all, we honor community. Our products, the business opportunities we offer, our operational systems – all serve the greater good of our extended family.

Your Next Step

We are men and women who agree on the basics: taking care of yourself, your family, and your friends. We can help you become the owner of a successful business that will benefit both your customers and your community. We place a premium on everyday products that promote good health. We believe that social shopping represents the future, and we want you to participate in this massive shift in commerce.