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Kutano - Daily Nourishment BOGO - Meal Replacement Shake (15 Servings)

Daily Nourishment is a meal replacement shake designed to keep you full and healthy by serving up a low calorie, protein rich, and vitamin and mineral packed shake containing moringa. Plus, as a part of the Kutano line, your purchase of Daily Nourishment impacts not just you, but people and communities across the globe in Malawi and Zimbabwe. A percentage of every Kutano product purchase goes back to help farmers in these parts of Africa to grow crops, sell surplus, feed their families, and rise up out of poverty and hunger. It makes an impact in their lives, their communities, and their futures. Put some good back into your body with Daily Nourishment.

Daily Nourishment is vegan, gluten-free, low calorie and low glycemic. It's also made with three sources of protein for improved absorption including pea protein, rice protein, and moringa powder, and it's made with a prebiotic/probiotic blend for gut health and total body health that improves digestion, reduces gas, and improves regularity.


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